Deadly Black Panther Simulator

Project Description

Dive into the world of the ultimate wildlife experience, up close and personal, from the eyes of the hunter of the night. Play as a fierce black panther, feeding, evolving and teaming to mark its territory, compete with challengers and survive from the harsh opposition of other animal clans.

Start your black panther’s journey in the barren lands of a desert, finding hunts, feeding off them, surviving massive ambushes, and contend with huge beasts in the own territory. Use the natural stealth and kill instincts of your black panther to come out of trouble, win head to head battles and take down mighty foes.


Exquisite and intricately designed environment with numerous challenges

Complete the lifecycle of your black panther, hunt and evolve into a fierce being of the jungle

Complete several tasks and take on a number of different challenges in stealth, time, ambush or group hunt tasks.

Smooth and easy to use controls optimized for mobile devices