Firefighter Emergency Rescue Simulator

Project Description

Ready to become a fireman in this realistic firefighting simulator? Here is your chance to be the HERO! Rush to save lives! We’re on emergency rescue duty so you need to be ready to respond to fire emergencies at any time. You have to reduce the death toll by rushing to the rescue location. Experience fire emergencies like you’ve never seen before as you battle to extinguish fires before it’s too late! Take on missions to rescue civilians by fighting fires throughout the city. It’s not just a driving game but if you enjoy fire truck driving simulators then you’ll love our realistic fire truck physics and selection of trucks to use! With fire emergencies throughout the city, it’s your job to wait for the police services to contact you when you’re ready for your next fire duty.

Take breathtaking drive of fire truck around the city. It is the most amazing feeling to save lives. Drive an awesome fire truck and save the people from the hazard. You have the modern fire extinguishing truck in your hand. You were recruited as a fireman to help the city to extinguish burning buildings and vehicles! All the city is in flames and your duty is to rescue lives just like rescue 911. Your job is to reach the fire emergency destination at the minimum possible time. Use your siren to aware everyone about the disaster. You are the fire-fighter of this city. Rush to the scene and put out the blaze.

You’re the fireman we’ve been looking for! Firefighting skills will be put to the test as you try to save the city from disaster! It’s your duty to help the police extinguish fires and rescue civilians! You’ll be faced with car fires, burning buildings and aiding disastrous truck crashes. Fire Fighter Emergency Rescue Simulator is not only designed as part of our fun kids’ games range but anyone can join this intense action and become a hero.

Get ready for the rescue mission! Be a social helper, save the humanity. People are burning and on the edge of death, hurry up save them, even saving a single person is the safety of humanity. Here is an action-packed fire truck driving game. This isn’t just a basic fire truck driving game. You will not be only driving your firetruck but also get out on foot, grab your hose and put out fires.

Fire Fighter Emergency Rescue is a new kind of 3D Firefighter truck emergency parking game. As a player, you take control of a firefighter truck. If you want to become a real firefighter you need to learn the ropes of driving and parking a fire truck in this fun and new exciting fire truck 3D parking game. You also need to control your mighty fire hose water cannon to extinguish fire on buildings, cars, and tanks.

Hope you have understood how to protect the city and be a true firefighting rescue hero? Show us your firefighting skills in this Fire Fighter Emergency Rescue game.

Fire Fighting Game Features:

– Realistic truck driving physics!
– Drive fast and fearlessly because you have a siren
– Open world firefighting
– Car fires and building fires to extinguish
– Easy & Smooth fire truck controls
– Fighting fire with the hollow jet water hose
– Dynamic HD camera angles with full camera control