Smart Battery Saver & Booster

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  • May 11, 2018

Smart Battery Saver & Booster is a FREE battery saving tool that makes your phone battery last longer, and can help you get up to 2X more life for your Android cell ! With this tool you can saves your phone charging with power saving features. It is the app that is specially designed for those who are tired off with charging there phones again and again. Now there is no need to take any tension because Power saver is ready for your help. In this app you can avail many option that are may be built in or to be customized. You can select a saving Mode yourself and make any change in that mode. 

This provident is best for maintaining your charging percentage. it boosts the mobile active time and works perfect as charging saver for android mobile long time. You will not need external power backups and fast charger anymore.

This would be one of your worth using app for boosting up charging time and a good charging saver in 2017. The power boost up and optimization for your device performance can be achieved by this new battery saver 2017.

Why should you have Smart Battery Saver ( Booster & Charger) app? 
★ One-Tap Optimizer & Energy Saver ?
Directly find and fix battery power drainage problems and get back to your phone energy savings;
★ Smart Mode Selection 
You can choose or customize a mode that fits saves your energy usage. Modes can be selected or customize by time scheduling or Power scheduling;
★ Multi Language Supported 
Now here is a facility for the users to change the application in any language;
★ Charging Monitor & App Manager 
Monitor all those apps that uses more power but not in active state and remind user about high consumption apps. It tells the User to manage his apps that are draining more power and to optimize them in ONE-TAP;
★ Beautiful Themes 
Our Smart Saver & Booster has a unique and matchless quality to change the theme.
★ Smart & Efficient charging 
Our Product Display charge status in real time, accurate time remaining status and high drainage status;

This Booster is the best thing that helps you to save you phone power and can monitor the apps. It also can help you change your phone efficiently and smartly. It has the simple and easy way to use this.

Our team of developers here at Muddy Apps Inc are constantly working hard to produce high quality mobile applications for Android devices. If you like our work then please give us a 5 star rating.
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