Sniper Assassin Terminator 3D

Project Description

You have just landed in a shooting battlefield, the mountain valley is full of enemy shooters and you have nothing but your assassin instinct and modern sniper gun of 2015 to survive this dangerous war. As an army sniper assassin, you have been chosen for this black ops mission.

This free fighting game involves very challenging gameplay and will require you to target terrorists, helicopters, army trucks, drones and F16 jet to become a hero and real shooter.

In this visually stunning mountain valley environment, you play the part of a special army force commando. With limited visibility and very little time to work with, you are tasked with targeting various fighters, trucks and their equipment, often at a very long distance, all the while you will have enemy fire and air strikes to contend with. This first person shooter (FPS) will challenge your assassin skills to the limit and measure how well you can obtain deadly head shots on the deadly drifts and turns of mountain valley locations.

Game Play and Levels

LEVEL 1: Stay away from the death and attack terrorists from distance by the way of accurate head shots from a high vantage point.

LEVEL 2: The mission suddenly becomes more dangerous after helicopters begin to descend on you. The task is to combat and destroy as many as possible for your survival.

LEVEL 3: The enemy are beginning to organise a large resistance. In this mission you need to cut them off from the outside world by destroying trucks which are delivering aid to retain your freedom.

LEVEL 4: Advanced UAV drones are trying to establish your position. Show off your sniper assassin skills in this level by destroying all UAV’s.

LEVEL 5: Things have gotten much worse now. The enemy has sent an F16 jet your way to take you out. Shoot it down before it reaches you by testing your shooting skills to the absolute limit.

More levels

We have added more levels to make your action experience full of adventure and thrill. Trigger bullets and enjoy….