The Sniper Warfare Assassin

Project Description

Sergeant Jacob Bruce, is a US army sniper assassin. Back in his war days he was sniper shooter leader of an anti-terror assassination force; unfortunately he witnessed some potentially destructive evidence against the US government. When the army found out he had seen this evidence they tried to kill him and his family. Sergeant Bruce survived the army assassin squad’s fatal attack to eliminate him, but found his family were all dead.
Sergeant Bruce managed to escape his home that day, leaving the assassin squad to believe that he had been eliminated as well in the fatal strike. Burning in the fire of vengeance, Sergeant Bruce is now gearing up for counter attack to take revenge from the US government and avenge the death of his family by infiltrating the base and targeting the areas where his enemies are present.

Stealth Missions
The army base on which the game will be centered, will be housing all the US military personnel that killed Sgt Bruce’s family. It also happens to be the same place where Sgt Bruce was trained for his anti-terror squad’s sniper assassin skills explaining why he knows his way around. The missions will go like this…
The early missions will be to kill a person who was simply present at the murders or someone who was aware and did not speak out. The middle missions will be centered on eliminating the people who actually pulled the trigger to kill his family. And the final missions will focus on the army leaders. The real killer who made the order to kill Sgt Bruce and his family.

Game Features
⇛ First Person Shooting in various 3D environments
⇛ Jam-packed with assault and sniper assassin missions
⇛ Ingenious advance Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)
⇛ Incredible shooting rifle bullet firing animations
⇛ Battle ambience Interactive sound effects